Amount Raised

$57300 / $800000

Achieved Goals

$15 000 - SpaceEngine 1.0 Planetarium

Multi-monitor setup

Expanded catalogs of known astronomical objects (Tycho-2, GAIA, SDSS etc.)

Deferred shading + PBR graphics engine

3D water, clouds and rings

Protoplanetary disks, weather effects, volcanoes

Procedural nebula and galaxy models

AMD CrossFireX support

Enhanced scripting system

Visual path editor for creating interactive educational tours

Spherical mirror projection for home planetariums


Support for VR headsets and 3D displays

Joystick and gamepad support

Ability to search for objects with certain parameters within a large radius

Enhanced modding system with easy installation of mods and addons

Ambient music and sound effects

Accretion disks

Nvidia SLI support

Ship engines exhaust and other visual effects

$40 000 - Multiplatform support

Native support for Linux

Native support for Mac

Immediate Goals

$80 000 - Single player space exploration game

Gameplay based on research and building

Gameplay based on space exploration

Bases on planets

Build ships and space stations

Collect data about celestial objects using probes and satellites


Gameplay based on space flight simulation

Realistic spaceflight physics

Both manual and semi-automatic spacecraft controls

Various spacecraft models

Long-Term Goals

$120 000 - Online space exploration game

Ability to meet and interact with other players online

3D space ship constructor

Server database for worlds discovered by players

Database search function for finding planets with specific parameters


Module-based ships

Players can name planets that they have discovered

$150 000 - SpaceEngine SDK

SpaceEngine as a graphics library for third party companies

WYSIWYG editor for all types of objects

$250 000 - MMORPG Sandbox Game

Space combat system with realistic physics

Unlimited capabilities for players: research, building, trading, fighting

Colonizing and terraforming planets, building cities

Destruction of enemy ships, cities, and even entire planets

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Please note: these are approximate funding goals and some implemented functionality (marked with color). When a funding goal is met, it means that there is enough money to pursue that goal, not that the features of that goal have been implemented.