SpaceEngine Steam Workshop Guidelines

The guidelines below apply to all items submitted to the SpaceEngine Steam Workshop.

For more information on creating items, please see Making Addons.

Steam Rules

All items submitted to the Steam Workshop must adhere to Steam's rules such as the Rules and Guidelines for Steam.


Creators retain all rights to their Steam Workshop submissions. By submitting an item, you certify that the content you submit is either your original work or a work you have the right to distribute. Workshop items shall not infringe on the intellectual property rights of Cosmographic Software or any third parties.

Item Content

Any items submitted to the Steam Workshop must be appropriate for a wide-audience, including both adults and children. Items may not contain adult-only content, such as sexually-explicit materials or excessive violence. Items may not incorporate politics, discrimination, or hate speech, including hate symbols or depictions of hate.

All content submitted must be pertinent to SpaceEngine. Irrelevant submissions are subject to removal.

Creators must ensure that all submissions are free from malicious code, including third-party code they may incorporate.

Creators must clearly describe what an item does or provides to users in the item’s description. If an item alters fundamental aspects of SpaceEngine, such changes should be clearly explained.

Assets generated by SpaceEngine may be used in items submitted to the SpaceEngine Steam Workshop. Submissions must not express or imply endorsement from Cosmographic Software. Assets generated in SpaceEngine may not be used in another Steam Workshop without the written consent of Cosmographic Software.

When an item incorporates assets from other creators or when multiple authors produce a work, clear attribution to co-creators must always be provided. Permission is required prior to incorporating assets into a Steam Workshop item.

As content can vary substantially, Cosmographic Software reserves the right to remove items from the workshop for any reason. If you would like more information on if your content is allowed, please ask in the SpaceEngine Discord server.

Resubmissions & Derivative Works

Users may not resubmit Steam Workshop items they did not create, unless they have explicit written permission from the original creator. When making a derivative of someone else's work, clearly state the changes or enhancements made compared to the original work. Derivative works must always attribute the original creator. Where an item is not distinct or the item submitter does not have permission from the original creator, Cosmographic Software reserves the right to remove the item.


Updates to Steam Workshop items should be done carefully to ensure they do not disrupt the experience of subscribed users. Items should be updated regularly to ensure they are compatible with the latest version of SpaceEngine. It is the responsibility of the creator to ensure their items remain up-to-date.

Unauthorized Program Modification

Reverse engineering, copying, or modifying compiled or encrypted program code from SpaceEngine is strictly prohibited. Violations will result in the removal of content from the workshop and may lead to legal action.

Guideline Changes

Cosmographic Software reserves the right to change and amend these guidelines at any time and retroactively enforce the new guidelines on existing workshop items without notice. Cosmographic Software reserves the right to remove items that are not explicitly covered by these guidelines on a case-by-case basis.