Space flight school


This guide is not official, and it may contain errors, not only within the writing itself, but also conceptual and even theoretical. You are free to share it anywhere, just remember to reference back to the original source, because it will keep getting updated, and hopefully the errors and mistakes will be minimized.

I will always try to update this whenever there is a new version of Space Engine out, but it can take a little while, depending on the necessary changes.

It is written on a “roleplaying” style, and everything between brackets [like this] are said out of character. This entire page is also out of character.

This not yet revised, so some things may seem weird, out of place, or just not make sense at all. Only when it is completely finished (v 1.0) I will thoroughly read through all of it and fix everything.

With that said, any comments, suggestions and corrections will be immediately considered, so it’s possible I’ll fix an error that someone pointed out, but not one that no one noticed yet. Or simply update something and not fix a problem very close to that.

To be used at your own risk!


You can check it in Google Doc's html format (always up to date): HTML format

Or in PDF form, but it'll only be updated when a major revision is published: PDF format

Or even in epub format (for e-readers, thanks to Mosfet): Download epub