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Примечание: старые версии SpaceEngine могут не работать с драйвером Nvidia версии 436.02 или позднее.


Исполняемый файл установки Windows (автоматическая установка) - 1 Гб

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SpaceEngine - бесплатное ПО. Вы можете свободно использовать его в некоммерческих целях. Для более подробной информации, пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с полным текстом лицензионного соглашения онлайн. Вы также можете найти оффлайн версию в установочной директории SE: SpaceEngine\docs\LICENSE.txt

Системные требования

  • Минимальные

    • 2 ГГц, 2ядра
    • 2 Гб RAM
    • 1 Гб Nvidia или AMD/ATI
    • OpenGL 3.3
    • Windows XP

  • Рекомендуемые

    • 3 ГГц, 4 ядра
    • 4 Гб RAM
    • 2 Гб Nvidia или AMD/ATI
    • OpenGL 3.3
    • Windows 7

*Выделенная видеопамять


ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Убедитесь, что используете самую свежую версию драйвера для вашей видеокарты. В противном случае SpaceEngine может не работать или работать плохо.

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Зеркало 1 (SpaceEngine)
Зеркало 2 (Yandex disk)
Зеркало 3 (Google drive)

Установка патча

Распакуйте архив в ту папку, куда установлен SE, и выберите "перезаписать существующие файлы".

Перенос на другой компьютер

SpaceEngine - портативное приложение. Вы можете просто скопировать содержимое папки SpaceEngine в другое место и запустить SpaceEngine.exe, находящийся в подпапке system. Можно не копировать подпапку cache, она будет создана автоматически.


Читайте docs/readme_eng.txt файл, или инструкцию пользователя.

Устранение проблем

Читайте список наиболее типичных ошибок и способов их исправления. Там же принимаются сообщения о новых ошибках.


Для повышения детализации объектов Солнечной системы можно скачать официальные дополнения основанные на реальных данных с межпланетных космических аппаратов.

SpaceEngine 0.9.7

Download a torrent

Mirror 1 (Wuala.com) 582 Mb
Mirror 2 (Google Drive) 582 Mb
Mirror 3 (Yandex Disk) 582 Mb

Major updates:
  • Auroras
  • Comets and evaporating planets
  • Improved rendering of interstellar dust in galaxies
  • Oblate planets and stars, automatic calculation of the oblateness value
  • Gravity darkening of oblate stars
  • Improved planetary rings variety, increased color saturation
  • Multiple cloud layers on terrestrial and gas planets
  • Smooth gas giant textures
  • Dynamic lens flares with ability to choose a preset in the menu
  • Planets and moons illuminate each other with their actual color
  • Star Browser - builds a list of the nearest stars with the ability of saving it to a file
  • Importing ship models in the OBJ format with material library and multiple textures
  • Built-in wiki system
  • Ability to give a name and description to any planet or other object
  • Improved FPS on planets
  • Multithreading for resource loading/generating
  • Menu for selecting GUI language, applies changes without restarting
  • Default localizations: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish
  • ESI (Earth Similarity Index) in the planet's info table
  • Better function of the mass-radius dependence of gas giants and brown dwarfs
  • Reduced thickness of the atmosphere on Earth-like planets
  • Inverted red giant surface temperature pattern
  • More solar spots on red dwarfs
  • Desaturation of faint stars (simulating color sensitivity of an eye)
  • Supporting of unlimited number of cloud layers on catalog planets
  • Config parameters for maximum number of procedural cloud layers of gas and terrestrial planets
  • Dynamic model of Jupiter (11 cloud layers)
  • Console variable to modify cloud layers rotation speed (set CloudsSpeed xxx)
  • Reduced a radii of procedural ice giants
  • Gravity lensing effect for white dwarfs
  • Multiple galaxy models per Hubble class for procedural galaxies
  • Multiple nebula models per nebula class for procedural nebulae
  • Simplified galaxy/nebula mod installing system
  • New galaxy models
  • Russian Wiki database have translated all stars names, Solar System planets and satellites
  • Updated catalogs of comets, asteroids and exoplanets
  • Context menu when you right-click on the object
  • Shadows under the text
  • The little loading icon instead of the progress bar
  • Mouse cursor changes its shape depending on situation (crosshair in space, arrow in GUI, etc)
  • Scrolling tables and sliders with the mouse wheel
  • Button "Current" on the Find object dialog to put currently selected object's name into it
  • Info table for any planet, star or barycenter shows counter of its satellites with life
  • Various upgrades in the Universe Map
  • [F1] opens the Universe Map for selected system, [Ctrl]-[F1] for the current one
  • [F2] opens the Planetary System Browser for selected system, [Ctrl]-[F2] for the current one
  • HDR, Bloom and FXAA effects in the Solar System Browser previews
  • Real planet brightness can be disabled in the Solar System Browser
  • Red giants and asteroids are rendered with 3D landscape in the Solar System Browser
  • Right click on the root star or barycenter in the Solar System Browser selects the planetary system itself
  • Wiki descriptions supports some of the BB-codes
  • Simple quotes " " automatically replaced with angular quotes « » in some text edit forms
  • Displaying planet's albedo / computed brightness and color in the Edit mode
  • Some sliders in the Planet Editor have logarithmic scale
  • Reduced width of the zone for opening of the side-screen toolbars
  • Pin buttons on toolbars
  • Saving state of toolbars in user config file
  • Ability to paint up oceans in the Export planetary textures menu
  • Updated Export planetary textures menu
  • Updated Graphics settings menu
  • Changed some mouse controls
  • The [End] button rotates camera horizontally
  • New console commands
  • Velocity pointer in the Planetarium mode
  • Smooth stopping of the movement and rotation of the camera when you press the Z, X, or Num 5 in the Planetarium mode
  • Height of the lanscape is counted from the sea level (negative values if under water)
  • The land command and button performs a landing on the 10 meters height above sea level or ground
  • The [G] key in the Game mode moves current ship to a selected object
  • Warp effect for spaceships
  • Automatic choosing of the NVidia chip on systems with hybrid graphics (NVidia + Intel HD)
  • Automatic selecting of some settings when hardware is changed
  • Automatic clearing of the cache when hardware is changed
  • Updated cache of galaxy models, they are now registered in the memory manager
  • Updated cache of textures and models for ships and buildings, they are now registered in the memory manager
  • Saving compiled shaders binaries to the cache for fast loading of them (NVidia)
  • Preloading all shaders at startup (option)
  • While capturing the video, GUI is visible on the screen, but not recorded to the video
  • Supporting of gray + alpha PNG format
  • Supporting of the TIFF format for textures and screenshots
  • Supporting of sounds in WAV and OGG formats
  • Built-in music player for OGG music
  • Automatic (based on FPS) vertical synchronization toggle
  • Changed directory structure
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a flat landscape bug on Intel HD
  • Fixed color banding artifact on landscape and water
  • Console command "disable" now works
  • Fixed a bug with nebulae shining through planets
  • Fixed the accelerated spinning of the ship when time is reversed
  • Fixed a bug with "intergalactic" mode of spaceships in certain regions of Milky Way
  • Fixed glitchy star's Motion Blur
  • Fixed a bug with very small moons having atmospheres
  • Fixed camera autobinding
  • Fixed a bug with the equal mass of all brown dwarfs
  • Fixed a bug with wrong lens flare color at the edges of the screen
  • Fixed a bug with Earth fully covered with water
  • Fixed a bug with entering minutes and seconds in the time control panel
  • Fixed a bug with disappearing blocks of procedural stars in a galaxies
  • Fixed a bug with blinking planet when Autoexposure enabled
  • FXAA works when Bloom is disabled
  • Fixed a bug with "square shaped stars" when Real sun brightness is on
  • Fixed incorrect age of stars in multiple systems
  • Fixed a bug with stars generated outside star cluster boundaries
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect planet counter number in the star's info
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect planets with life counter number in the star's info
  • Fixed a bug in binary systems when smaller component have greater mass => reduced number of brown dwarfs
  • Fixed cropping of some rotation/orbital parameters when starting editing in the Planet Editor
  • Fixed wrong calculation of brown dwarfs and white dwarfs radii
  • Reduced stars aliasing
  • Fixed bug with atmosphere models generation/updating
  • Fixed a bug with white sparks on clouds
SpaceEngine 0.9.6

Download a torrent

Mirror 1 (DepositFiles) 505 Mb
Mirror 2 (Wuala.com) 505 Mb
Mirror 3 (Narod.ru) 505 Mb


What's new
  • A new coordinate system and camera
  • The Map of the Universe
  • The console, various console commands allow you to change settings, there are also commands that duplicate the functions of the autopilot
  • Console commands can be executed from the file - it is possible to create a scripts that controls the flight
  • Updated catalog of dwarf planets, exoplanets, nearest stars, etc.
  • Some new galaxies models, new textures for some Solar system bodies
  • A count on the number of planets with life has been added to the selected star's information table
  • Significantly improved performance in dense regions of galaxies (the nucleus and spiral arms)
  • In the Orbital review mode (Right-drag) rotation is always doing around the current object, but not around selected one
  • Showing vectors of a planet: its own X axis, the direction to the parent body, and the barycentric velocity
  • Collision detection of camera with all planets
  • Spacecrafts: motion control, gravity forces, collisions with planets
  • Procedural galaxies with large-scale structure of the universe and the redshift effect
  • Supporting of the indoor scenes in the *.map format ("Radiant" editor of games using the Quake engine) for buildings and ship interiors (maps are available as "scenes" from the console)
  • Anti-aliasing on the border of the cloud layer on the planets
  • New forms of landscape on planets
  • Smooth transition between textures of different materials on the surface of the planet
  • Changed the algorithm for calculating landscape level of detail - detail close to the camera is always high (as in LOD 0) for each LOD
  • Exporting of skybox (panoramic screenshot)
  • Exporting of procedural textures of planets
  • Editor of the procedural parameters of the planet with the script export function
  • Optimization of the interface, the active window is moved to the foreground
  • A new interface design
  • The "game" style of the Main Menu
  • Various control panels
  • Some settings for the Planetary System Browser
  • Binding keys and saving them to the config file
  • The "Copy" and "Paste" buttons in the Locations menu - for easier sharing of coordinates via the forum
  • Supporting for Windows clipboard in the text input fields (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V), for example, in the Search By Name menu (F3)
  • Real brightness of the planets (lighting dependency on the distance to the sun)
  • White dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes - isolated and in multiple star systems
  • Binary gas giants
  • New model of the atmosphere with a green hue
  • New class of a planet - Titan (ice world with a hydracarbon ocean)
  • Fully cloudy planets - Venus-like warm deserts and Titans
  • Automatic procedural generation of atmosphere, clouds, water and rings for catalog planets, if these paremeters are missing in the catalog
  • Dynamic star coronas
  • Probabilities of double and multiple stars, stellar remnants, brown dwarfs, gas giants, etc. in the config
Bug fixes
  • Fixed some bugs in the planetary system exporting code
  • Fixed "reddening" of the stars at very high magnification
  • Fixed "blueing" of the sun at sunset
  • Fixed bug with black spots on the edge of the disk of the planet (including the Planetary System Browser)
  • Fixed crashes due to excessive generation of planetary systems in nebulae
  • Fixed pulling of camera to infinity at first contact with a planet or a star
  • Fixed bug with generation of very small Terra planets and moons
  • Reduced the size of impact basins, their generation is suppressed for large Terras
  • Fixed an extremely dense clouds on Oceanias
  • Fixed a bug with the NoPlanets parameter in the stars catalog
  • Removed unnecessary lens flares of black holes
  • Fixed too often generation of gas/ice giants as a closest to sun planet
  • Reduced atmosphere artifacts on horizon
  • Fixed a blocky artifact in stars distribution the in galaxies
SpaceEngine 0.9.5

Download a torrent
Mirror 1 (Narod.ru) 400 Mb
Mirror 2 (DepositFiles) 400 Mb

Patch 0.95.1

What's new
  • Markers for planetary system bodies
  • Ability to rendering a sun surface with "real" brightness
  • Precise Lens Flare effect for sun
  • [Ctrl] + [Mouse Wheel] changes velocity like [Ctrl]+[+] and [Ctrl]+[-]
  • Turning video capture mode (F9) automatically sets the "Frame Time" timing mode for obtaining a smooth video
  • In the video capture mode screenshots are saved to "screenshots/capture" directory, the old files are rewritten
  • Screenshots saved without HUD
  • Added RAM usage checking in memory manager
  • OpenGL version checking at program startup
  • Added a new recently discovered satellite of Pluto
  • Loading of spaceships models (experimental)
  • Supporting of parabolic and hyperbolic orbits
  • A dense atmosphere smooths the climate on the planet (reduces difference between the equator and pole)
  • Tidal-locked planet (always facing the same side toward the sun)
  • A giant cyclone at the subsolar point on the tidal-locked planets
  • Ocean planets (planets entirely covered by the ocean)
  • Ice caps are not flat terrain
  • Hills on the flat areas of planets
  • Improving the shape of the mountains
  • Faster generation of the landscape
  • Detail photo-textures on the landscape
  • Ability to disable (hide) water on procedural planets
  • 3D water as separate transparent layer (no wave/reflection/refraction yet)
  • Brown dwarfs
  • Updated exoplanets catalog
  • Minor interface changes
  • Adjustment of movement keys acceleration/deceleration time in user.cfg
  • Adjustment of velocity presets in user.cfg
  • Export of planetary systems in a script-file
  • Collision detection with planetary surface
  • Automatic switching of follow mode for planets (Follow / Sync Rot)
  • New galaxies models
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug with black screen at startup
  • Fixed a bug with missing interface textures and other stuff (incorrect memory manager working with old drivers)
  • Fixed incorrect rotation of Pluto
  • Fixed a bug with neutron stars in all planetary nebulae
  • Fixed too little mass of white dwarfs
  • Fixed a bug with empty irregular (Irr) galaxies
  • Fixed a "cubic star clusters" bug
  • Fixed a shifting of selection pointer and labels beside the planet
  • Fixed a shifting of the background in the black hole's gravity lens effect
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of the rings and moons orbital orbital period
  • Fixed wrong position of the binary star's barycenter
  • Fixed the shining of asteroid particles through nearby planets
  • Fixed a bug with landscape patch BBoxes: it is possible to use LOD 0 now
  • Fixed incorrect rendering order of transparent clouds layers
  • Fixed a crash while first running if the Milky Way galaxy model is not cached
  • Fixed excessive RAM consumption
  • Fixed disappearing of bright stars while moving at great velocity