Major updates:

  • Many improvements to space ships: docking, landing, Alcubierre warp drive with nearly-realistic physics; the autopilot is able to do almost everything you need to fly.
  • Astronomy: implemented planemo (rogue planet, or planets without stars), new class of stars, added chemical composition of the planetary atmospheres, addied large catalogs of double and multiple stars, black holes, neutron stars and brown dwarfs, updated textures of Pluto, Charon, Ceres and other objects.
  • Engine: moving to OpenGL 3.3, multiple improvements and optimizations, implemented reverse z-buffer (elimination of z-fighting, the camera can approach to objects at a distance of few centimeters), implemented MSAA.
  • A new physically-correct rendering of black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs with accretion disks; improved gas giants textures, detail textures on the planets.
  • New system of installing addons and mods - just drop a pak file into "addons" directory; SE installer/patcher does not reset settings and does not overwrites the user's files; even more quick launch of the program.