For those who will be unable to see the full solar eclipse on August 21, I made this small patch for SpaceEngine It adds planet ephemerides to SE, so you can watch the eclipse there. It is based on a slightly updated source code with some earliest bug fixes and beginning of implementation of the new UI (thus changed main menu background). I had no time to test this patch carefully, so it may contain new unexpected bugs.

It would be logical to call it, but this could make a confusion. So I called it SE - "ephemeris edition" or "eclipse edition".

Download (107 MB, CRC: E3A0A878)
Mirror 1 (SpaceEngine)
Mirror 2 (SpaceEngine)
Mirror 3 (Yandex disk)
Mirror 4 (Google drive)

Unpack the archive to the SE folder. This patch is designed only for! It's recommended to make a new separate installation of, and then apply the patch to it.