Last week, we introduced the high-resolution screenshot tool, which allows you to take large, detailed images in SpaceEngine. The tool was accompanied by a set of catalog updates, visual refinements, and other general improvements. An overview of these changes is available in last week's blog post: Five-Year Steam Anniversary Update: High-Resolution Screenshot Tool.

Beta testing for these changes, including the high-resolution screenshot tool, is now complete. We would like to thank everyone who participated in testing and provided valuable feedback!

The changes are now available to all users on Steam. If you participated in the beta and would like to return to the default Steam release branch, please follow the instructions to opt out of the beta found here: Opt In to Beta.

Thank you for your ongoing support of SpaceEngine!

Changes and Improvements from the Previous Version:

  • Fixed a bug in the Star Browser where planet/moon temperature and temperature class results didn't match the actual system when visited
  • Fixed several bugs and issues with the high-resolution screenshot tool


Click here to see changes included in this release from last week's beta.