Today's small update 0.990.46.1965 is mostly bugfixes. Highlights include fixing Intel Iris Xe graphics crashing on startup, and (we hope!) a fix for the issue of flickering stars experienced by some users (this issue is very difficult to reproduce, so we will still be keeping an eye on it, please let us know if it still happens for you after the update!)


  • Updated catalogs
  • Added fake directional lighting to dark systems (planemo and inactive black holes) in the Chart mode
  • Fixed crash at startup on Intel Iris Xe
  • Fixed flickering of star surfaces (hopefully)
  • Fixed stars being visible during the day from the surface of a planet in HDR mode when planet shine is disabled
  • Fixed bug with ambient lighting on planemo with rings
  • Fixed bug with lighting of planemo in Chart mode
  • Fixed shaking of second column of object info text in VR
  • Fixed register of digital exponent in object info text in VR
  • Fixed rendering of camera spline path