AMD has (finally!) released a driver for ALL currently-supported GPUs (RX 400 series and newer) to fix a critical issue with SpaceEngine which has existed in all driver versions since 22.7.1.

Visit the following link to download the driver software for your GPU, and follow the instructions below:

  1. Use the list boxes at the bottom to select your product
  2. When you've found and selected your GPU model, click "submit"
  3. Open the section for your operating system and download the most recent software package (23.2.1)
  4. Run the installer program once it finishes downloading

As an alternative solution, you can update your driver automatically through AMD's Radeon software, if it's already installed on your PC.

This seems to be the best Radeon driver for SE in a very long time, so I hope everyone enjoys using SE again with fewer bugs than ever! Big thanks to AMD's Radeon driver team for implementing the needed fixes and getting them released.