Hello everyone!

We are currently in the final stages of testing the General Relativity update, and have released the newest version to the Public Beta branch on Steam.

This update includes a lot of new fixes and improvements, a full list of which can be found in the changelog below.

You can opt into the beta under “Properties” when right-clicking SpaceEngine on Steam and selecting "beta" (public beta branch). As always, bug reports can be filed on our Discord server, which you can join here.

Changelog (0.990.45.1930):

  • Improved handling of galaxy numbering shift if new galaxies were added to the catalog:
    • Saved locations in catalog galaxies are loaded despite the ID change, using coordinates
    • Loaded locations are automatically updated with the new galaxy ID and saved on the disk
  • Updated localizations
  • Updated catalog of relativistic objects:
    • 15 new magnetars, 15 new low-mass x-ray binaries, 45 new high-mass x-ray binaries
    • 74 new black holes to the center of galaxies (16 existing galaxies, and 58 new galaxies)
    • 3914 new isolated white dwarfs, 52 new binary white dwarfs
  • Updated catalog of exoplanets (November 11, 2022):
    • 1977 updated planets
    • 114 new planets
    • 942 updated host stars
    • 76 new host stars
  • Updated catalog of brown dwarfs:
    • 1936 updated isolated brown dwarfs
    • 668 new isolated brown dwarfs
    • 66 new binary brown dwarfs

    • Fixed compatibility with Oculus Quest, and added Oculus Quest controller support
    • Fixed issue with change from controller flight direction to gaze flight direction if VR controller tracking was lost
    • Fixed a memory leak when generating procedural galaxies
    • Fixed stars illumination bug with supermassive black hole systems
    • Fixed a bug with the slow drifting of fixed cloud layers over large periods of time
    • Fixed the "trash bag" shape of asteroids and comets