In this update on the public beta branch, we present a feature long requested by users of 4k displays: a scalable graphical user interface! Until now, text and menus were too small to be used comfortably on 4k displays. With this update, however, the scale of the interface is adjustable up to at least two times its original size (read on for details).

The controls for interface scaling are located in SpaceEngine's "general" settings menu. By default, SpaceEngine will detect the scaling amount set in your Windows display settings for the current monitor and upscale the UI by that amount, similar to other software designed for high DPI compatibility; this automatic scaling can be disabled by toggling the "use system DPI" checkbox. You can add additional scaling on top of that by using the slider. SE is able to scale the UI to any value from 100 to 200% in steps of 5% (technically, any value can be used, but non-integral values like 133.3% may be impractical). It is possible that text and UI elements may look blurry at some scales; this may be fixed in a future update.

Note that the mouse cursor will only be scaled to either 100 or 200%: I found that a giant but sharp cursor looks better than a blurry one. For UI scales below 150%, small cursors are used; for 150% and higher, large cursors are used. We also decided to change the cross-shaped cursor used when selecting objects to a high-contrast white color for easier visibility, especially on displays with poor response times for dark colors (like most VA panels).

Sample images of the updated GUI at 4k

"Flat" UI skin at 4k (click image to view in full resolution)

"Glossy" (formerly "Modern") UI skin at 4k (click image to view in full resolution)

Graphics settings window at 4k (click image to view in full resolution)

Display settings window at 4k (click image to view in full resolution)

Changelog of this beta (0.990.43.1880)

  • Interface upgrades
    • Scalable GUI (!!!) with option for automatic scaling according to display scaling setting in Windows/li>
    • Slider to scale up interface in the range of 100-200%, applied on top of Windows scaling setting if "use system DPI" is enabled/li>
    • GUI textures remade for 4k (200% scaling)/li>
    • Selection cursor (cross shape used for selecting objects) changed to high-contrast white color for better visibility/li>
    • Renamed "Modern" interface skins to "Glossy"
  • Calibrated illuminance for auto and manual exposure modes (light sources were previously too dim by a factor of 10)
  • Fixed bug with camera position for reflection and warp cubemaps
  • Fixed materials for some asteroid models
  • Fixed bug with black hemisphere on some planets and moons
  • Fixed visibility of details on neutron star and white dwarf surface