Volumetric rings build is still in beta. I have found and fixed some bugs, and added some new features. Most of them are not directly related to rings, but needs testing.

One of them is implementation of a better post-processing sharpening algorithm. The basic sharpness filter from before has been replaced with AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS). CAS has very good quality, and almost perfectly avoids the annoying black outlines that get added around bright (high-contrast) objects using the old sharpness filter. If you previously avoided using sharpening because of the undesirable artifacts it can cause, I recommend trying it now with this improved algorithm. Open the settings menu, go to the Visual style tab, and set Sharpness to 1 to see the full effect (or use a lower value for more subtle sharpening if you wish).

Images comparing no sharpening ("original") with the new CAS sharpening ("modified"):

Jupiter sharpness compare: Original Jupiter sharpness compare: Modified
Planet with rings sharpness compare: Original Planet with rings sharpness compare: Modified

Another feature is improvement of terrain engine stability, and ability to reload planet or system in the editor without waiting then terrain loading/generation is over.

Full list of changes since the last public beta build:

  • Adjusted brightness of procedural rings
  • Exceedingly thin atmospheres are not rendered in Solar system browser previews
  • Added reading of physical video memory size from the system registry
  • Better sharpening algorithm (AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening)
  • Elevation and temperature textures are split into independent arrays (improves terrain LOD capabilities by cost of increased VRAM usage)
  • Additional security checks in terrain texture cache (improves stability)
  • Ability to reload a planet or planetary system in the editor without waiting for completeness of terrain generation
  • Safe (crash-free) change of terrain texture settings (texture compression, detail textures, graphics quality preset) while camera is near planet surface
  • Fixed bug then SE uses less VRAM for terrain textures after change of terrain texture settings than it actually can
  • Fixed big moons orbiting inside rings
  • Fixed anti-aliasing (MSAA) on previews in the Solar system browser, the Wiki, and the Locations browser
  • Fixed shader loading failure on Intel HD and AMD Radeon (bug in 0.990.43.1850 beta)
  • Fixed bug with modifying a system with a black hole then restoring it in the Planet editor
  • Fixed bug with reading key combinations with "Numpad -" from keys.cfg
  • Fixed artifacts in ocean specular highlight on AMD Radeon (everywhere) and NVidia GeForce (near equator)
  • Fixed black level of Earth's city lights then texture compression is enabled

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