Today's small update 0.990.39.1765 is merged with the previous one and published to the main branch, making Workshop support available to everyone.

Build 0.990.39.1765
- Updated exoplanet catalogs
- Updated localizations
- Fixed Auto Illumination saturation checkbox in the main menu
- Fixed usage of the Load button in the Locations browser from the main menu
- Few bugfixes in the LaunchPad

Build 0.990.39.1760
- Shorter cache file paths
- Fixed broken rendering/style settings after starting SE by clicking on se:// url
- Russian localization: changed names of planet temperature classes to better match the English localization
- Removed Chthonia planet class from the Star browser (this class is not implemented in the engine anyway)
- Changed atmosphere generator so it produces more blue Earth-like atmosphere models
- Fixed crash on updating atmosphere model
- Added models of (486958) Arrokoth/2014 MU69 (ex Ultima Thule), (25143) Itokawa and (433) Eros (by Mosfet)
- Fixed blurry nebulae and galaxies on skybox export
- Fixed blurry nebulae and galaxies on video capture when "Set graphics to maximum" is chosen
- Fixed initialization of the the video capture tool with incorrect screenshot file format listed
- SteamVR Input (native support of Valve Index and other controllers)
- Default binding configuration for HTC Vive, Valve Index, WMR and Oculus Touch controllers
- Pressing menu button on VR controller brings up side screen toolbars instead of opening the main menu
- Main menu VR help texture changes based on the currently active VR controllers
- Smoothed VR laser ray movement to reduce shaking and increase selection precision
- Added travel time counter when using the "Go to" command
- "Go to" in VR quickly rotates view so that target object is centered
- Import localizations from CSV format (needed for online translation services)
- Added Turkish localization