Todays update – build 1660, it is merged with previous beta build 1655.

Build 0.990.35.1660
– Automatic saturation of stellar illumination
– Fixed star corona color bug
– Fixed toggle of the fullscreen mode when “Configure codec” is pressed in the video capture dialog
– VR/3D mode can be toggled by a hotkey / in the main menu
– In VR help about VR controller buttons bindings is displayed on the main menu background (Oculus and Vive, text is in English)
– In VR Solar system browser automatically hides itself after clicking “fly to” button
– In main menu script, buttons, labels and edit can have internal name; if not specified, data from the Text field is used
– Option to make planet hidden by default in the sc file – visible false
– Changed atmosphere model/color assignment rules
– Some fixes in catalogs
– Fixed bug with clusters/nebulae particles always rendered even if clusters/nebulae were disabled
– Reduced star particle wobbling effect of a very distant catalog stars
– Increased lens flare visibility range for very bright star systems
– Changed location preview file name generation method

Build 0.990.35.1655
– Fixed huge lag at startup and on switching graphics quality presets
– Limited paste text buffer size
– Some fixes in catalogs
– Updated exoplanet catalog to June 21, 2019 (Teegarden’s star and other updates)
– Fixed abrupt scarps on terrestrial planets
– Fixed high-frequency “penitentes” on icy worlds
– Fixed depth of rayed craters
– Added timeout to the loading screen to prevent getting stuck on it for too long of a time
– Adjusted coefficients in the mass-radius equation for more a precise result [pending for 0.991]
– Updated localizations
– Fixed procedural galaxy/quasar seed change bug
– Disabled loading indicator in VR
– Fixed broken export of planet textures after landing on a planet