Hello SpaceEngine fans! We are thrilled about our successful launch on Steam! Not everything was perfect, and there have been some negative reviews and refunds, but this was expected! Those typically came from users with technical problems, and those with VR-related issues. The most overwhelming thing has been the volume of support messages we have to manage somehow. HarbingedDawn, DoctorOfSpace, Duke, Phunnie, retro-visor, BambusDude and other SE team guys have been replying to support messages for up to 12 hours a day each, but they can't keep up! Please be patient - there are only a few of us and we're dealing with a very heavy workload right now. Someone will respond to your message as soon as they can! I have not responded to many support messages myself because I am focusing on the code, sorry.

Today's patch fixes some issues that are easy/quick to fix:

Build 0.990.33.1625 (this was a day 0 patch, but I didn't made a post about it)

- Fixed crash if SDL reports invalid joystick instance ID (-1)
- Texture compression is disabled by default for high and ultra graphics settings

Build 0.990.34.1630 (today's patch)

- Fixed missing terrain on integrated Intel graphics
- Fixed glitch with eclipse shadows on rings
- Completed Spanish localization
- Dimmer nebulae
- Main menu button "Exit" is changed to "Exit VR" in the VR mode
- A note added to the tutorials menu that they are not designed for VR
- Added a "main menu" button binding to the first Vive controller
- Ship manager automatically appears when entering the Simulator mode if there are no ships built

If the update does not download automatically, restart your Steam client.

It also seems that, for some people, Steam did not automatically download and install the Visual C++ 2015 and OpenAL common redist packages. If Windows gives you an error message when trying to launch SE, download the Visual C++ 2015 redist package from here, and OpenAL from here, and install them.