Tomorrow is the release date, and I am very excited! On the eve of the release I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my work. For almost six years, since 2013, I have been receiving donations via Paypal. This has allowed me to leave my job and work on SE 24/7 (well, more like 12/5, but you get the idea). Without that support, SpaceEngine would still be at the level of the 4-year-old version 0.974 now. But now we have this:

As a thank you to supporters, I have gratefully sent a Steam activation key to everyone who, prior to today, donated a total amount similar to the price of SE on Steam. Check your e-mail!

After release, the donation option will still be available, so if someone wants to provide extra support, you are welcome to!

Development of SE doesn't end here; this is just the beginning! Now, SpaceEngine will get better and more frequent updates!

Enjoy exploring in SE, and again, thank you for support!