Bunch of recent updates (after Saturn-like rings):

- Uranus-like narrow rings around procedural planets
- Updated impostors system for galaxy/nebula rendering
- Editor for raymarched nebula
- Fully customizable shader for raymarched nebulae: config file describes parameters/uniforms, which automatically added to the shader, editor and scripts
- When the Solar System Browser is opened and user selects a new star system and presses F2, the Solar System Browser updates the planets table instead of closing itself
- Context menu point "Browse planetary system" opens the Solar System Browser on a currently selected object's hierarchy level
- Number of eclipse shadows per planet increased to 8
- Updated textures and elevation maps for Phobos and Deimos
- Added credits screen and donate button to the main menu

Comparison with the Deimos photo:

Credits page, it automatically starts scrolling, as usual:

And a bunch of new nebulae. Duke working on a single universal shader, which is able to render all types of nebulae you have seen before. Just tweak ~100 parameters in the editor, and you can turn egg-shaped planetary nebula into diffuse cloud or into supernova remnant. This is a basis for procedural engine: it will generate unique parameters for each procedural nebula, making unique appearance. Just like it doing for planets.

This one could be used as a circumstellar disk (protoplanetary disk). Must be implemented in engine as a planetary system part, not as a nebula.