New UI skin. Based on a sketch made by this guy.

In addition to the design itself, some technical innovations were added: blurring of the background under the dialog boxes and shadows. Blurring is very easy to do - the window is drawn by a special shader that mimics alpha transparency, but sample pixel not from the main frame buffer, but from the bloom effect frame buffer. Thus, by specifying the number of the mip level, you can choose the degree of "blurring" (it may even be non-integer). These and many other parameters were added in the config file of the skin, so they are fully customizable now.

Once again upgraded locations menu. I trying to turn it to a game-like save/load menu, and add the save/load options to the main menu. Previews are generated when user adds a location or going to it, and saved to the config folder (it could be split to "config" and "save" folders).