Made some upgrades to the chart mode. Now it's possible to compare planets by diameter, mass, density and temperature.
(BTW check out that planet - RS 8474-2690-8-9131880-116 AB5 - it is a tidally locked titan).

I also added a "2D system map" mode, similar to those in ED. It is great to learn architecture of the system. Additional work is needed to make it look nice (better selection of distance between stars, planets and moons).

What else could be useful here?
1) Not-to-scale mode? (like in solar system browser)
2) Default ambient lighting?
3) Locked camera? (allowing only scrolling and zooming)
4) Some static background?
5) Maybe this thing could replace the solar system browser?

Another upgrade is related to the map mode. It is now adaptively changes the amount of objects displayed (better to see this on video). The amount of objects can be controlled by the new slider. Now it's easy to find nebulae and clusters (their brightness is adjusted by the map independently off stars and galaxies).