Inspired by my recent kayak hike, and looking on a work by Spock1108, I made my version of semi-realistic-semi-fake terrain model of Titan. It have 16k resolution near poles, where famous seas and lakes of liquid hydrocarbons can be found.

Header image: Titan's north pole. The Kraken Mare (the largest double-shaped sea at the top, the Seldon Fretum dividing it into two bodies), the Ligeia Mare (bottom), the Punga Mare (to the right) and numerious smaller lakes.

Titan's south pole. Ontario Lacus (to the left) and other lakes.

Titan without clouds:

Shores of the Kraken Mare with Saturn in the sky (like if there were no clouds):

Sailng through the Seldon Fretum in the Kraken Mare:

The original map where seas and lakes are visible have resolution of 12k x 6k, while there more hi-res images of some areas exist. Maybe in the future, when the new hi-res global map will be released by NASA, I will update this fake elevation map.

From the surface, resolution is very low (of course - the map is just 8-16k), and some artefacts are visible - imprecise transition from land to liquid methane. This will be solved when procedural terrain refinement will be implemented.