Giant Stars

Giant star rendering has been updated. The size of the convection cells now depends on the star's surface gravity, and to a lesser extent its temperature. This gives a smooth continuum of appearance from dense small giants like Alnitak and Saiph, which look like main sequence stars, to diffuse large giants like Betelgeuse and NML Cygni, which look like red giants from previous versions.

Header image shows a compilation of various giant stars, including some famous catalog stars like Betelgeuse and Deneb as well as procedural stars, to show how the new giants look:

Note: since these screenshots were taken, the code was updated to have smaller convection cells have an inverted color scheme, like on main sequence stars.


The HUD and other interface elements can now be colored in the interface skin config files.

You can now select units of pressure, in addition to distance and temperature.

Solar System

New Pluto and Charon textures, courtesy of Snowfall

New Ceres textures, courtesy of Steve Albers and John van Vliet

New Saturn rings backlit texture, courtesy of HarbingerDawn

Other Changes

Added detail-less cold/frozen gas/ice giants like Uranus

Full changelog since the last patch:

- Improved asteroid surface color shader
- Suppressed mountains generation in impact bassins
- Music player working in a separate thread
- Chemical composition of planetary atmospheres
- Colorization of atmosphere rendering
- Option to display radius instead of diameter for the selected object
- Fixed unrealistic rings in binary planet systems
- Updated generation of procedural accretion disks, limited their temperature
- Ability to change some HUD colors in skins
- Added detail-less gas giants like Uranus
- Updated giant stars terrain code
- Customizable HUD font colors (via interface skins)
- New Pluto, Charon and Ceres textures
- New Saturn rings texture
- Integrated Bambusman's nebulae models
- Intergated Cirax's black holes and neutron stars catalog
- Ability to choose pressure unit

- Fixed star counter in galaxies
- Fixed camera speed display
- Fixed distance to PSR B1957+20
- Fixed accretion disk parameters export
- Fixed hyperbolic moons bug
- Fixed Neptune orbit
- Fixed ship engines effect rendering in a 3D modes and Oculus
- Fixed VSync in main menu
- Fixed bug with clouds height of catalog stars
- Fixed white dwarf gravity lensing
- Fixed dithering
- Fixed bug with broken Milky Way model
- Fixed bug with wrong ships positions after restart of SE