Orbits for space ships are fixed now. Automatic simulatoin/orbit mode is forced. This mean that when no engines are firing, no atmosphere drag, and ship's orbit is stable (inside planet's sphere of influence and didn't intersect with planet's atmosphere and surface), physics will switch to analytic Kepler orbits (as used by planets). If engines are working or air drag is present, physics will switch back to simulation, and orbit parameters are re-calculated on every tick.

Useful points of orbit are displayed now: apoapsis and periapsis (filled and empty circle), descending and ascending node (filled and empty square), ship's position (rombus):

Time to the next periapsis and aposapsis passage is displayed now (to the right, in orbital parameters table):

Ability to select the reference body to show orbit and velocity parameters is restored also.

ADDED a month later: WIP splashing docking corridor: