Latest updates:

  • Window resolution could be set in the Display settings menu to the maximum resolution supported by hardware (ie it makes possible to take screenshots larger than screen)
  • Restored old video capture mode as a set of screenshots
  • Video files (avi) or screenshots are saved to the screenshots/capture/ folder
  • Menu for video capture settings: switch between set of screenshots mode and avi mode, choosing screenshots format and codec settings
  • The F9 key brings up the Video capture menu, Ctrl-F9 starts and stops the video recording with the choosen setting
  • The engine automatically searches the lower free number for the file name by scanning the folder screenshots/capture/. I.e. if the folder have the files vid00000.avi and vid00001.avi, the next recorded video file will be vid00002.avi. Just like saving of the regular screenshots.
    Should I make a similar screenshots settings menu? It will have only image format selector and a checkbox for the GUI.

    Example video: the Algol triple star system.