I made something you are really like - the parametric planet searcher. It is an option for the old star browser: ability to set up a planet/moon parameters filter. Once set up, the searcher will examine each generated planetary system and count the number of planets/moons that match the filter. This counter is printed in the last column.

Here I found 3 star systems with terra with life orbiting a gas giant:

And here I found a terra with 7 selena moons (and 1 desert moon):

Of course this is a cheat feature and will be disabled in the game. In the game players will be able to search planets only through a server database of discovered planets. This is a key gameplay feature. But maybe this searcher must be disabled in the planetarium as well? It is too easy to find a terra with life now. I made this system for developing purposes, to be able to find specific planet type more easily.

The next stage is moving the star class filter to the star search stage, i.e. if you set up it for "Main Sequence G star", the star searcher will ignore all stars except G ones. This will allow to utilize the limited capacity of searcher list. Another possible improvement is generating a list of planets/moons that passes the filter and output it by a some way. Maybe additional window popping up by clicking the "filter" cell in the table. This window will have a table with list of found planets/moons, click on it will select the object. But this is even more cheat option 🙂


Ok, I made few upgrades:

- A main system's star filter, which work on a star searching stage. The star table is populated only by systems that matching the filter.
- A stellar subclass filter (i.e. G2, G3, G4 etc.)
- A hint with a list of bodies that match the planet/moon filter. Just hold mouse cursor over the table cell, and you will see a list of planets/moons.

I think that's all for now, I must switch to other tasks.