I got a 3D TV and now working on various steroscopic modes. First two are for passive (polarization) displays, verical and horizontal anamorphic stereopairs. You must switch you TV to 3D mode to be able to see these images:

BTW, this first image shows a problem with mouse and selection pointer. They both must be placed in the 3D space, on the depth equal to the depth of the selected object. Otherwise you cannot point your cursor to a star or to a distant planet.

I also add an option to interlace the image by the engine itself (no need to switch TV to the 3D mode). But it is useless on my TV because in 2D mode it have some "sharpness" option that mixes signal from neighbouring rows and columns. This option cannot be switched off, and it completely breaks the stereo effect (broken separation of left and right channels, so each eye sees a double image). I hope that 3D monitors (not TVs) have no problems with this.

EDIT: oops, sorry for jpeg. It may break separation of left and right channels due to lossy compression.

The next step is adding the anaglyph mode (red-cyan glasses) and the shutter mode (3D vision or so). But I don't have a display or TV with that technology. My TV supports this mode by converting it to the interlaced pair, maybe its quality will be enough.