I updataed procedural moon system generator. Now it generates 3 types of moons:

  • Inner moons, small asteroid-like bodies orbiting close to the planet in its equatorial plane, near or inside its rings if they are present.
  • Regular moons, big spherical-shaped satellites (or asteroidal with some small probability), orbiting planet in its equatorial plane with exponentially increasing semimajor axis (Dermott's law).
  • Outer moons, usually small asteroid-like bodies (or big spherical ones with some small probability), have irregular orbits.
  • Gas giants now may have up to 100 moons, ice giants up to 40, small planets up to 20. The code used for all type of planets, but some planets may have no inner moons, or no regular moons etc, or just 1 giant regular moon (double planets, including double gas giants).

    Pictures: inner moons, regular moons, outer moons.

    Another gas giant (with rings):

    With such huge amount of moons, Planet Browser becomes a mess:

    Checkbox to disable dwarf moons in the settings helps a bit:

    Another problem: moon numbers starting from inner moons, so main (big) moons often have a big numbers like "7.15". So would it be a good idea to change the naming system? For example, use for dwarf moons names like "7.d59" or so.