Today's update:

  • Updated Display settings menu: options to toggle to fullscreen, choosing fullscreen and windowed mode resolution, VSync, and anisotropy level
  • SE window saves its size, location and fullscreen state to the config and restores them at the next launch
  • He above screenshot is taken in the 1280x720 fullscreen mode. A list of all available fullscreen modes. Default refresh frequency is 60 Hz and can be adjusted only in config. Default bpp is 32 bit and can't be changed. I think you don't want to use 16 bit color in SE:) And Windows 8 supports only 32 bit colors BTW. If the checkbox "Custom display resolution" is unchecked, SE use current desktop resolution.

    This screenshot is taken in a windowed mode. Resolution (or size of the window's work area) can be adjusted by the edit fields, or simply by resizing the window by mouse.

    It still can't set a size of window bigger than the desktop resolution. A hack with WM_GETMINMAXINFO required.

    SE saves all settings to the config and can restores them when you launch it next time. If you expand the window with the button on the window's header, SE saves this state too.