started implementation of a built-in wiki system. So far, it only works with the planets. Information about planet is show on 4 tabs - general, physical properties, orbital properties and atmosphere. I also started implemenintg support of the database that will store information about discoverer of the planet, its description and the name given to it by user. Wiki supports localization, so names and descriptions can be wrritten in user's language. I.e. in the database you can enter the information and the names of all the Solar system planets and named stars in German/French/etc, thus obtaining a full localized SpaceEngine.

The first example is the Earth. The name of the planet in the upper left corner may be in your local language. The name may be taken from the database file, so no modifying of the scrips are required. Description is taken from Wikipedia.

The second example is a procedural planet. Now it is possible to give names and descriptions to procedural planets 🙂

Further plans:

  • Complete the system by supporting for all other types of objects - stars, galaxies, and so on (including ships).
  • Full integration into the engine, search by database name in the F3 dialog.
  • In-game editor of the description - required implementation of minimal text editor (so far I've entered the descriptions simply in the database file).
  • Support of database export and import, so that users can share their databases as a files, not waiting for network support.
  • Ability to view information about several planets simultaneously - for a visual comparison of sizes, masses and other parameters, with the ability to sort the table by any row.
  • Support for different measurement units, i.e. possibility to switch parsecs to light years, kilograms to the masses of the Moon, etc.