Attempt to make 3D models for rogue-shaped moons of Mars. This is not really a 3D models, this is a regular SE "planet" with a regular cubemap texture and elevation map, but elevation amplitude is very big. The elevation map is 16-bit and defines a global shape of the moon, with a local terrain features like craters added linearly to it. The result is quite promising! And the main benefit of this method is virtually unlimited texture resolution. This could be impossble to acheive with a hard-made 3D mesh with a single texture.



The drawback is that local features are hard to control, because they are applied at the map pre-processing stage (in Photoshop). Probably it wouldbe better to use two maps: low-res global shape map, and high-res local terrain map, and combine them in the engine.

Another drawback is that local features are added radially to elevation from the body center, not to the direction of the global shape normal. This may lead to distortion of a small crater shapes. Also it's impossible to define a body with very rough shape, where 2 or more points lie on the same radius-vector.