All updated to the date:


- Label rendering for selected object is independent of distance and bright
- Separate buffers for left and right pass in stereo modes
- Rendering in the equirectangular spherical projection
- Added quintuple star system 1SWASP J093010.78+533859.5
- Ship HUD is hiding in interstellar mode
- Planet SurfStyle can be updated in the Planet editor
- Updated palettes for titans and iceworlds
- Alien vegetation on titans with terrestrial life
- Reduced too often impact bassins on iceworlds and titans
- Random global tint of a planets into shades of brown
- Polar caps on cold selenas and iceworlds (Ganymede-like and Pluto-like thin frost deposit)


- Fixed render of orbits in the Map mode
- Fixed bug with infinite radius of black holes, neutron stars and white dwarves
- Fixed wrong camera positioning at program startup
- Fixed artefacts with black hole and ship warp effect in stereo modes
- Fixed wrong calculation of orbital period of catalog binary stars
- Fixed interstellar ships magnitude calculation
- Fixed crash on building a ship in interstellar space
- Fixed sprites rendering order in nebulae


Header image - more interesting palettes on titans.

Alien lifeforms on titans (for now they used the same tiles in atlas textures as terras):

Random coloration of landmasses (before and after):

Polar caps on selenas: