This add-on is compatible with the old versions of SpaceEngine. Add-ons for the latest version on Steam are available as the Downloadable content.

Solar system HD


This Solar System HD addon contains high-resolution maps of some planets, moons and asteroids in the Solar System. It increases level of detail of some Solar System worlds many times compared to the default SpaceEngine installation (see comparison gifs below), or replaces the default low-quality jpeg textures with hi-quality png ones.

For terrestrial worlds (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon and Mars), there are even more detailed textures available - the Solar System Ultra addon. Note that it requires this Solar System HD addon to be installed for it to work properly.

To get information about resolution, sources and credits, please read this pdf document.












These textures will not make the level of surface details on Earth or other worlds similar to those of a procedural planet. They have a limited resolution (up to 200 meters per pixel), and this will be the maximum level of detail for these Solar System worlds.

Download torrent

1) Download the torrent file.
2) Open the torrent in any BitTorrent client.
3) Set the SpaceEngine/addons/ folder as the destination and start downloading.
4) When the download is complete, please don't delete it from your torrent client - seed it for a few days.

Direct download of individual files

Download these files into the folder SpaceEngine/addons/SolarSysHD/ (create it if this folder does not exist).


3.2 GB

Mercury-Bump-HD-16k.pakMirror 1183 MB
Mercury-Bump-HD-32k.pakMirror 1468 MB
Mercury-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1211 MB
Mercury-Surface-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1574 MB
Mercury-Surface-PBC-64k.pakMirror 11580 MB


3.6 GB

Venus-Bump-SE-16k.pakMirror 1158 MB
Venus-Bump-SE-32k.pakMirror 1453 MB
Venus-Bump-SE-64k.pakMirror 11860 MB
Venus-Surface-JVV-16k.pakMirror 165 MB
Venus-Surface-JVV-32k.pakMirror 1212 MB
Venus-Surface-JVV-64k.pakMirror 1932 MB


4.2 GB

Earth-Bump-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1177 MB
Earth-Bump-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1463 MB
Earth-Bump-PBC-64k.pakMirror 11520 MB
Earth-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1129 MB
Earth-Surface-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1296 MB
Earth-Surface-PBC-64k.pakMirror 1943 MB
Earth-Clouds-SE-16k.pakMirror 167 MB
Earth-Clouds-SE-32k.pakMirror 1154 MB
Earth-Clouds-SE-64k.pakMirror 1473 MB
Earth-Lights-HD-16k.pakMirror 19 MB
Earth-Lights-HD-32k.pakMirror 120 MB
Earth-Lights-HD-64k.pakMirror 162 MB


1.5 GB

Moon-Bump-SE-16k.pakMirror 1193 MB
Moon-Bump-SE-32k.pakMirror 1493 MB
Moon-Surface-JVV-16k.pakMirror 1224 MB
Moon-Surface-JVV-32k.pakMirror 1634 MB


944 MB

Mars-Bump-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1155 MB
Mars-Bump-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1384 MB
Mars-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1136 MB
Mars-Surface-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1318 MB
Mars-Clouds-HD-2k.pakMirror 11 MB

Ceres and Vesta

1.5 GB

Ceres-Surface-HD-16k.pakMirror 1225 MB
Ceres-Surface-HD-32k.pakMirror 1479 MB
Vesta-Bump-SE-16k.pakMirror 1100 MB
Vesta-Bump-SE-32k.pakMirror 1163 MB
Vesta-Surface-HD-16k.pakMirror 1178 MB
Vesta-Surface-HD-32k.pakMirror 1420 MB

Jupiter and moons

744 MB

Jupiter-Surface-JVV-8k.pakMirror 145 MB
Io-Bump-fake-SE-8k.pakMirror 113 MB
Io-Surface-PBC-8k.pakMirror 138 MB
Io-Lights-SE-8k.pakMirror 11 MB
Europa-Bump-fake-SE-16k.pakMirror 168 MB
Europa-Surface-JVV-16k.pakMirror 1175 MB
Ganymede-Bump-fake-SE-16k.pakMirror 154 MB
Ganymede-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1136 MB
Callisto-Bump-fake-SE-16k.pakMirror 157 MB
Callisto-Surface-JVV-16k.pakMirror 1158 MB

Saturn and moons

800 MB

Saturn-Surface-BJ-8k.pakMirror 17 MB
Mimas-Bump-fake-SE-4k.pakMirror 13 MB
Mimas-Surface-PBC-8k.pakMirror 129 MB
Enceladus-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1180 MB
Tethys-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1156 MB
Dione-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1134 MB
Rhea-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1151 MB
Titan-Bump-fake-SE-16k.pakMirror 114 MB
Titan-Surface-SE-8k.pakMirror 131 MB
Hyperion-Surface-JVV-2k.pakMirror 14 MB
Iapetus-Bump-fake-VO-2k.pakMirror 11 MB
Iapetus-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 191 MB


146 MB

Triton-Surface-DI-16k.pakMirror 1146 MB

Pluto and Charon

32 MB

Pluto-Surface-HD-8k.pakMirror 128 MB
Charon-Surface-HD-4k.pakMirror 14 MB