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Executable Installer (automatic install) - 1GB

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SpaceEngine is free software. You can use it as you wish for non-commercial purpose only. For more info, please read the full text of the license agreement online. You can also find the offline version in the SE installation folder: SpaceEngine\docs\LICENSE.txt

System requirements

  • Minimum

    • Dual-core 2 GHz
    • 4 GB RAM
    • Nvidia or AMD/ATI 1 GB VRAM
    • Windows XP

  • Recommended

    • Quad-core 3 GHz
    • 8 GB RAM
    • Nvidia or AMD/ATI 2 GB VRAM
    • Windows 7/8/8.1/10

*Dedicated video memory


IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you are using the latest driver for your graphics card! Otherwise SpaceEngine may not work correctly.

1) Download the installer using the links above.
2) Run the installer and follow its instructions. Do not merge this version with an older one!


Direct download - 107 MB
Mirror 1 (SpaceEngine)
Mirror 2 (SpaceEngine)
Mirror 3 (Yandex disk)
Mirror 4 (Google drive)

Installation of the Patch

Unpack the archive to the SE folder and choose 'overwrite files'.

Copying to another PC

SpaceEngine is a portable application. You may simply copy the entire SpaceEngine folder to another location and run SpaceEngine.exe, located in the system subfolder. You should not copy the "cache" subfolder though - it will be created automatically.


Read the docs/readme_eng.txt file, or click here for a user manual.


Read the Troubleshooting forum and post there any reports about new bugs.

Mods and add-ons

To improve the quality and level of detail of our Solar System's planets and moons, download the official add-ons, which are based on real data from interplanetary spacecraft.

SpaceEngine 0.9.7

Download a torrent

Mirror 1 ( 582 Mb
Mirror 2 (Google Drive) 582 Mb
Mirror 3 (Yandex Disk) 582 Mb

Major updates:
  • Auroras
  • Comets and evaporating planets
  • Improved rendering of interstellar dust in galaxies
  • Oblate planets and stars, automatic calculation of the oblateness value
  • Gravity darkening of oblate stars
  • Improved planetary rings variety, increased color saturation
  • Multiple cloud layers on terrestrial and gas planets
  • Smooth gas giant textures
  • Dynamic lens flares with ability to choose a preset in the menu
  • Planets and moons illuminate each other with their actual color
  • Star Browser - builds a list of the nearest stars with the ability of saving it to a file
  • Importing ship models in the OBJ format with material library and multiple textures
  • Built-in wiki system
  • Ability to give a name and description to any planet or other object
  • Improved FPS on planets
  • Multithreading for resource loading/generating
  • Menu for selecting GUI language, applies changes without restarting
  • Default localizations: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish
  • ESI (Earth Similarity Index) in the planet's info table
  • Better function of the mass-radius dependence of gas giants and brown dwarfs
  • Reduced thickness of the atmosphere on Earth-like planets
  • Inverted red giant surface temperature pattern
  • More solar spots on red dwarfs
  • Desaturation of faint stars (simulating color sensitivity of an eye)
  • Supporting of unlimited number of cloud layers on catalog planets
  • Config parameters for maximum number of procedural cloud layers of gas and terrestrial planets
  • Dynamic model of Jupiter (11 cloud layers)
  • Console variable to modify cloud layers rotation speed (set CloudsSpeed xxx)
  • Reduced a radii of procedural ice giants
  • Gravity lensing effect for white dwarfs
  • Multiple galaxy models per Hubble class for procedural galaxies
  • Multiple nebula models per nebula class for procedural nebulae
  • Simplified galaxy/nebula mod installing system
  • New galaxy models
  • Russian Wiki database have translated all stars names, Solar System planets and satellites
  • Updated catalogs of comets, asteroids and exoplanets
  • Context menu when you right-click on the object
  • Shadows under the text
  • The little loading icon instead of the progress bar
  • Mouse cursor changes its shape depending on situation (crosshair in space, arrow in GUI, etc)
  • Scrolling tables and sliders with the mouse wheel
  • Button "Current" on the Find object dialog to put currently selected object's name into it
  • Info table for any planet, star or barycenter shows counter of its satellites with life
  • Various upgrades in the Universe Map
  • [F1] opens the Universe Map for selected system, [Ctrl]-[F1] for the current one
  • [F2] opens the Planetary System Browser for selected system, [Ctrl]-[F2] for the current one
  • HDR, Bloom and FXAA effects in the Solar System Browser previews
  • Real planet brightness can be disabled in the Solar System Browser
  • Red giants and asteroids are rendered with 3D landscape in the Solar System Browser
  • Right click on the root star or barycenter in the Solar System Browser selects the planetary system itself
  • Wiki descriptions supports some of the BB-codes
  • Simple quotes " " automatically replaced with angular quotes « » in some text edit forms
  • Displaying planet's albedo / computed brightness and color in the Edit mode
  • Some sliders in the Planet Editor have logarithmic scale
  • Reduced width of the zone for opening of the side-screen toolbars
  • Pin buttons on toolbars
  • Saving state of toolbars in user config file
  • Ability to paint up oceans in the Export planetary textures menu
  • Updated Export planetary textures menu
  • Updated Graphics settings menu
  • Changed some mouse controls
  • The [End] button rotates camera horizontally
  • New console commands
  • Velocity pointer in the Planetarium mode
  • Smooth stopping of the movement and rotation of the camera when you press the Z, X, or Num 5 in the Planetarium mode
  • Height of the lanscape is counted from the sea level (negative values if under water)
  • The land command and button performs a landing on the 10 meters height above sea level or ground
  • The [G] key in the Game mode moves current ship to a selected object
  • Warp effect for spaceships
  • Automatic choosing of the NVidia chip on systems with hybrid graphics (NVidia + Intel HD)
  • Automatic selecting of some settings when hardware is changed
  • Automatic clearing of the cache when hardware is changed
  • Updated cache of galaxy models, they are now registered in the memory manager
  • Updated cache of textures and models for ships and buildings, they are now registered in the memory manager
  • Saving compiled shaders binaries to the cache for fast loading of them (NVidia)
  • Preloading all shaders at startup (option)
  • While capturing the video, GUI is visible on the screen, but not recorded to the video
  • Supporting of gray + alpha PNG format
  • Supporting of the TIFF format for textures and screenshots
  • Supporting of sounds in WAV and OGG formats
  • Built-in music player for OGG music
  • Automatic (based on FPS) vertical synchronization toggle
  • Changed directory structure
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a flat landscape bug on Intel HD
  • Fixed color banding artifact on landscape and water
  • Console command "disable" now works
  • Fixed a bug with nebulae shining through planets
  • Fixed the accelerated spinning of the ship when time is reversed
  • Fixed a bug with "intergalactic" mode of spaceships in certain regions of Milky Way
  • Fixed glitchy star's Motion Blur
  • Fixed a bug with very small moons having atmospheres
  • Fixed camera autobinding
  • Fixed a bug with the equal mass of all brown dwarfs
  • Fixed a bug with wrong lens flare color at the edges of the screen
  • Fixed a bug with Earth fully covered with water
  • Fixed a bug with entering minutes and seconds in the time control panel
  • Fixed a bug with disappearing blocks of procedural stars in a galaxies
  • Fixed a bug with blinking planet when Autoexposure enabled
  • FXAA works when Bloom is disabled
  • Fixed a bug with "square shaped stars" when Real sun brightness is on
  • Fixed incorrect age of stars in multiple systems
  • Fixed a bug with stars generated outside star cluster boundaries
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect planet counter number in the star's info
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect planets with life counter number in the star's info
  • Fixed a bug in binary systems when smaller component have greater mass => reduced number of brown dwarfs
  • Fixed cropping of some rotation/orbital parameters when starting editing in the Planet Editor
  • Fixed wrong calculation of brown dwarfs and white dwarfs radii
  • Reduced stars aliasing
  • Fixed bug with atmosphere models generation/updating
  • Fixed a bug with white sparks on clouds
SpaceEngine 0.9.6

Download a torrent

Mirror 1 (DepositFiles) 505 Mb
Mirror 2 ( 505 Mb
Mirror 3 ( 505 Mb


What's new
  • A new coordinate system and camera
  • The Map of the Universe
  • The console, various console commands allow you to change settings, there are also commands that duplicate the functions of the autopilot
  • Console commands can be executed from the file - it is possible to create a scripts that controls the flight
  • Updated catalog of dwarf planets, exoplanets, nearest stars, etc.
  • Some new galaxies models, new textures for some Solar system bodies
  • A count on the number of planets with life has been added to the selected star's information table
  • Significantly improved performance in dense regions of galaxies (the nucleus and spiral arms)
  • In the Orbital review mode (Right-drag) rotation is always doing around the current object, but not around selected one
  • Showing vectors of a planet: its own X axis, the direction to the parent body, and the barycentric velocity
  • Collision detection of camera with all planets
  • Spacecrafts: motion control, gravity forces, collisions with planets
  • Procedural galaxies with large-scale structure of the universe and the redshift effect
  • Supporting of the indoor scenes in the *.map format ("Radiant" editor of games using the Quake engine) for buildings and ship interiors (maps are available as "scenes" from the console)
  • Anti-aliasing on the border of the cloud layer on the planets
  • New forms of landscape on planets
  • Smooth transition between textures of different materials on the surface of the planet
  • Changed the algorithm for calculating landscape level of detail - detail close to the camera is always high (as in LOD 0) for each LOD
  • Exporting of skybox (panoramic screenshot)
  • Exporting of procedural textures of planets
  • Editor of the procedural parameters of the planet with the script export function
  • Optimization of the interface, the active window is moved to the foreground
  • A new interface design
  • The "game" style of the Main Menu
  • Various control panels
  • Some settings for the Planetary System Browser
  • Binding keys and saving them to the config file
  • The "Copy" and "Paste" buttons in the Locations menu - for easier sharing of coordinates via the forum
  • Supporting for Windows clipboard in the text input fields (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V), for example, in the Search By Name menu (F3)
  • Real brightness of the planets (lighting dependency on the distance to the sun)
  • White dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes - isolated and in multiple star systems
  • Binary gas giants
  • New model of the atmosphere with a green hue
  • New class of a planet - Titan (ice world with a hydracarbon ocean)
  • Fully cloudy planets - Venus-like warm deserts and Titans
  • Automatic procedural generation of atmosphere, clouds, water and rings for catalog planets, if these paremeters are missing in the catalog
  • Dynamic star coronas
  • Probabilities of double and multiple stars, stellar remnants, brown dwarfs, gas giants, etc. in the config
Bug fixes
  • Fixed some bugs in the planetary system exporting code
  • Fixed "reddening" of the stars at very high magnification
  • Fixed "blueing" of the sun at sunset
  • Fixed bug with black spots on the edge of the disk of the planet (including the Planetary System Browser)
  • Fixed crashes due to excessive generation of planetary systems in nebulae
  • Fixed pulling of camera to infinity at first contact with a planet or a star
  • Fixed bug with generation of very small Terra planets and moons
  • Reduced the size of impact basins, their generation is suppressed for large Terras
  • Fixed an extremely dense clouds on Oceanias
  • Fixed a bug with the NoPlanets parameter in the stars catalog
  • Removed unnecessary lens flares of black holes
  • Fixed too often generation of gas/ice giants as a closest to sun planet
  • Reduced atmosphere artifacts on horizon
  • Fixed a blocky artifact in stars distribution the in galaxies
SpaceEngine 0.9.5

Download a torrent
Mirror 1 ( 400 Mb
Mirror 2 (DepositFiles) 400 Mb

Patch 0.95.1

What's new
  • Markers for planetary system bodies
  • Ability to rendering a sun surface with "real" brightness
  • Precise Lens Flare effect for sun
  • [Ctrl] + [Mouse Wheel] changes velocity like [Ctrl]+[+] and [Ctrl]+[-]
  • Turning video capture mode (F9) automatically sets the "Frame Time" timing mode for obtaining a smooth video
  • In the video capture mode screenshots are saved to "screenshots/capture" directory, the old files are rewritten
  • Screenshots saved without HUD
  • Added RAM usage checking in memory manager
  • OpenGL version checking at program startup
  • Added a new recently discovered satellite of Pluto
  • Loading of spaceships models (experimental)
  • Supporting of parabolic and hyperbolic orbits
  • A dense atmosphere smooths the climate on the planet (reduces difference between the equator and pole)
  • Tidal-locked planet (always facing the same side toward the sun)
  • A giant cyclone at the subsolar point on the tidal-locked planets
  • Ocean planets (planets entirely covered by the ocean)
  • Ice caps are not flat terrain
  • Hills on the flat areas of planets
  • Improving the shape of the mountains
  • Faster generation of the landscape
  • Detail photo-textures on the landscape
  • Ability to disable (hide) water on procedural planets
  • 3D water as separate transparent layer (no wave/reflection/refraction yet)
  • Brown dwarfs
  • Updated exoplanets catalog
  • Minor interface changes
  • Adjustment of movement keys acceleration/deceleration time in user.cfg
  • Adjustment of velocity presets in user.cfg
  • Export of planetary systems in a script-file
  • Collision detection with planetary surface
  • Automatic switching of follow mode for planets (Follow / Sync Rot)
  • New galaxies models
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug with black screen at startup
  • Fixed a bug with missing interface textures and other stuff (incorrect memory manager working with old drivers)
  • Fixed incorrect rotation of Pluto
  • Fixed a bug with neutron stars in all planetary nebulae
  • Fixed too little mass of white dwarfs
  • Fixed a bug with empty irregular (Irr) galaxies
  • Fixed a "cubic star clusters" bug
  • Fixed a shifting of selection pointer and labels beside the planet
  • Fixed a shifting of the background in the black hole's gravity lens effect
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of the rings and moons orbital orbital period
  • Fixed wrong position of the binary star's barycenter
  • Fixed the shining of asteroid particles through nearby planets
  • Fixed a bug with landscape patch BBoxes: it is possible to use LOD 0 now
  • Fixed incorrect rendering order of transparent clouds layers
  • Fixed a crash while first running if the Milky Way galaxy model is not cached
  • Fixed excessive RAM consumption
  • Fixed disappearing of bright stars while moving at great velocity